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Your Secret Power: Personal Accountability as a Solopreneur

Managing your time isn’t just about learning how to use awesome planning tools or buying a new calendaring system. A crucial key in learning how to manage, design and create time for what you love involves embracing personal accountability.

Becoming personally accountable means you take ownership of your actions, decisions, and your results. It’s about recognising that you are in control of how you spend or invest your time.

In practice, it looks like you make a plan, and you follow it. Even when things want to get in the way.

Let’s acknowledge that sometimes the unexpected will happen in our lives and will interrupt our plans, but let’s check-in. How often do you not follow your plan not because have an important issue to attend to, but because you just don’t want to do the work? Or you don’t want to say no to the interruption? Or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task?

Learning to become personally accountable to yourself can take time. Especially when you haven’t exercised your accountability muscle before.

It’s worth doing the work. Gaining the ability to trust yourself and know that you will do what you plan can feel liberating. It can take a lot of pressure out of your business when you know if it’s in your plans, it will get done. You can enjoy the time away from your business because you can trust that come Monday, you’ll be showing up to do the work.

You can start this process in a small way. Pick one or two absolutes in your day that you are going to make non-negotiable and do those. Again, make it easy at first so you can get some early wins.

Remember, the purpose of the exercise is not about the things you choose. The real purpose is to create some evidence for yourself to start believing that you do what you say you will do and build on it.

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