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Many women entrepreneurs feel spread too thin because they are the CEOs of their businesses AND homes.


I help them achieve more while working less, creating a business that can grow with or without them.

Stop Working So Hard Without Seeing the Results You Deserve

Think of it like a spring clean for your schedule.  This audit will clear out time-wasting activities so you can focus on the tasks that matter.  

Book Your Productivity Audit and...

1. Discover what's getting in the way of you achieving your goals.
2. Learn at least one strategy that will increase your productivity in your business.
3. Find out my #1 productivity hack for achieving more.

And, if you want additional support so you can put your schedule into action and uplevel your growth and productivity, we can discuss how I can help.


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You're a hard-working female entrepreneur with big dreams but seeing little progress.


You started your business so you could set your hours and create the financial freedom you dreamed of, yet find yourself working longer for less return.

  • Feeling like a slave to your business
  • Believing you're not enough, whether at work or at home
  • Working non-stop¬†and worrying¬†about burning out
  • Not being able to take a break, even when you're sick because there is so much to do
  • Being¬†overwhelmed and¬†unsure where to begin
  • Always saying yes¬†at work and home
  • Worrying about dropping the ball if you take your foot off the gas

Don't you wish you could find success at work and enjoy your life at home?  Working with me you'll:

Unlock Your Productivity

Harness your energy for tasks that truly matter.

Reclaim Your Freedom

Achieve your business goals without compromising personal time.

Drive Growth

Focus on strategies that exponentially boost your income.

Book Your Free Productivity Audit

I get it.  Juggling everything as a hardworking female solopreneur is overwhelming. 

I know you want to be a thriving online entrepreneur. In order to do that, you need to master your productivity effectively.  The problem is mismanaged hours and an endless To-do list.  This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

I believe every entrepreneur has the power to unlock exponential growth, which is why I've created and perfected the Entrepreneur Productivity program.

Here's how my approach is unique:
- Tailored for the hardworking female entrepreneur landscape.
- Moves you beyond just planning to focus on actionable execution.
- Strategies that factor in life beyond business.

You deserve growth without burnout.  Let's reclaim your freedom and unlock your productivity, together. 

Book Your Free Productivity Audit

Here's how it works.

Schedule a Call

Begin your journey with a personalised conversation. 

Implement Strategy

Adopt the productivity method tailored for you.

Expert Guidance

Enjoy growth without compromising on personal time.

Book Your Free Productivity Audit

Sara T.

CEO, Me and Orla.
Working with Tricia took out all the drama & helped me see where my power is in my daily schedule. Her coaching is warm, insightful & sharp.

Anna T.

Coaching with Tricia has been amazing!  I enjoyed her creative approach & am so proud of my progress.

John L.

Coach & Business Owner.
Tricia helped me with my goals and to make some important decisions in my life.  I highly recommend coaching with her.

The Entrepreneur Productivity Program

A 12-Week 1:1 Coaching Program to Enhance Productivity and Jump-start Your Business Growth.

Let's start by finding out where you're spending time now...


Book Your Free Productivity Audit
When you waste time now, you miss out on growth later.

Together, we'll harness the power of productivity, unlocking the potential within you and your business. Let's drive growth, reclaim your hours, and ensure your business thrives.

Book Your Free Productivity Audit

Here's what we'll cover together in my

Entrepreneur Productivity Program

Plus Bonuses!

Access to my Procrastination Buster Workshop, Workbook & Procrastination Buster Triad.

Exclusive access to my 3-Step Training to help you create more work-life balance in your life.

Book Your Free Productivity Audit

The Entrepreneur's Productivity Profiling Quiz

The right productivity strategy...

  • Leverages your strengths for maximum impact
  • Fits like a glove, enhancing your productivity with precision
  • Gives you tools & tactics designed for your business success.
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