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Learning how to manage my time was the key for me to leave a career I no longer loved and start a business I adore...


Hi, my name is Tricia Bolton, and I help female professionals create 7 extra hours each week for their side hustle, so they can finally make it their full-time job.   It's not just about managing your calendar, I help you find where you are losing time and learn how to create and invest time so you can grow.

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As someone with ADHD and a fatigue-causing health condition, it's safe to say my relationship with time and productivity is a little messy.  Working with Tricia took all the drama out of it for me and help me see exactly where my power is in my daily schedule.  I've accessed more impetus, joy and so many more results by working WITH my brain and body instead of against it.  Tricia's warm, insightful and sharp coaching is an absolute treat and I cannot recommend her enough.

Sara Tasker

CEO Me and Orla

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Dive deep into discovering what's holding you back, where you are losing time, where you can grow and how you can achieve more with personalised guidance. Learn how to design and create 7 extra hours each week to devote to your side hustle so you can watch your business grow.


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It's about learning how to create and design time for yourself and your business.

Mastering the skill of getting stuff done.

Exploring the benefits of showing up for yourself and how it can be the x-factor in driving your success.

It's not a pretty planner you download and forget.  It takes time to learn.  But the time you spend on this program and yourself maybe the most important time you ever spend - you will learn how to show up for yourself, your business and your life and get it done!

It you're looking for a cookie-cutter solution and not prepared to put yourself first for a change... you're not ready.

But if you've decided that this is the time in your life when you want things to start changing for you... and

If you're in a profession you no longer love and have a business you are desperate to get up and running or start, and can't find the time...

If you show up for everyone else and never show up for yourself and you want to learn how...

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Tricia is such a phenomenal coach!  She has helped me so much.  She finds the reason for the problem and shows it to me with heart and gentleness.  I love being coached by her.  I always walk away with a new understanding and clarity of my next steps!

Angi P.

If you are so busy doing everything for everyone else, you can't find any time or energy for your goals - 

Learn how to create time in your life for your dream business...

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John L.

In our very first session Tricia was able to help me fully understand how my thinking was literally preventing me from making important decisions in my life and then went on to teach me valuable lessons designed to help me achieve my goals.  Tricia is amazing!  If you have any uncertainty in your life, I highly recommend talking to Tricia.

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Not only is Tricia an amazing coach, she has become a trusted friend.  As I am from the States, I love hearing her calming voice and accent.  She is non-judgemental with anything I bring to my sessions.  She is a wonderful, reflective listener who never tells me what to do, but rather helps me discover that I had the answers in front of me the entire time.  I'm so grateful to be a client of Tricia's.

Amber W.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

If you know exactly what you want to do but you don't know how to start -

Explore the meta-skill of how to get things done and your business going...

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I love having Tricia as a coach.  She has such a warm and calm personality and you can tell by her demeanour how much she cares.  I really feel like I can be  open and honest with her, and I never feel that she is judging me.  She's smart, she asks great questions and I always walk away from our sessions with a new way of thinking about things.  Overall, I think she's a wonderful coach and I highly recommend her.

Dr. Trina D.

If you gag at the thought of sticking to a calendar -

Find out the real reasons all your planning goes to waste and why you can't get started building your business...

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