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I'm Tricia Bolton, the creator of the Entrepreneur Productivity program.


Welcome to my journey from law to leadership, from working tirelessly for others to empowering entrepreneurs like you. My story isn't just about career transitions; it's about discovering a profound passion for unlocking potential—not only in businesses but in the people behind them.

Early Chapters: A Balancing Act

Starting in the demanding world of law, I quickly learned the art of balance. Juggling a full-time role in a law firm with part-time studies for my law degree, I mastered the dance of managing work, study and personal life. This period wasn't just about pursuing my dream career; it taught me invaluable lessons in prioritising, focusing, and maximising productivity under pressure.

Pivot Time: From Earning for Others to Investing in Myself

After decades of contributing to the success of others, I decided to invest in my dreams. Returning to study and building a business from scratch, I dedicated thousands of hours to coaching, earning my stripes as a Master Certified Coach and finding out the hard way how easy it is to lose sight of what's important in growing a business.

The Core of My Coaching Philosophy: Intentionality & Simplicity

Through personal experience and professional coaching, I've discovered the crucial balance between focusing on revenue-generating activities and the holistic well-being necessary for sustained success. True growth isn't just about hitting targets; it's about nurturing our number one asset—ourselves—ensuring we don't sacrifice our health on the altar of ambition.  And simplicity is the magic ingredient for sustainability.

My Commitment: Your Productivity, Unleashed

Leveraging years of experience, insights, and skills, I've crafted a simple program designed to have you making more whilst working less. In this program you'll receive the tools and support you need to succeed without compromising the freedom, time, and flexibility you yearn for.

A Little About Me:

- I love learning about productivity and know that getting a new calendar is not the answer to achieving your business goals just like trying a new diet won't help you lose weight long-term.

- I was born overseas but raised in Australia and love love love where I live.  My skin belongs in the northern hemisphere but my heart belongs in the land of Oz.

- I love movies, reading, learning, podcasts, helping people, running, my family, friends, labrador and cat (not necessarily in that order!)

You deserve a business that flourishes without you burning out.

Discover how learning to boost your productivity gives you the freedom to achieve your business goals without having to work 24/7.

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Dive deep into your potential with personalised guidance and support learning how to use my Entrepreneur Productivity program to focus your time and attention and build and grow the business you love.


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