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Although good time management is important for everyone, its crucial for entrepreneurs.  


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Hi, I'm Tricia Bolton


Creator of the
Time Design Method©



This is my Story


I started my professional life as a lawyer  working in private practice and then later commenced a corporate career discovering a passion for developing and helping my team reach their true potential.

I worked full time in a law firm whilst studying part-time for my law degree learning how to juggle work, study, family and friend commitments.  

When I became a parent I put my project management skills on overdrive and multi-tasked like an organisational fiend.  BUT like so many of us I never thought to include myself on my list of priorities - I was always showing up for everyone else and not me.

After many years of working in a profession I no longer felt passionate about and struggling to find the time for my dreams of changing my career, I decided it was time to break free from my self-imposed limitations and create the space in my life for my goals and myself.  

Now I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow method that anyone from around the globe can use to create the time they need to get started, grow their business so they can leave their old profession and step full time into the new side-hustle they love.

Stuff About Me:

- I love how learning to manage your time gives you so much freedom in your life.  Getting a new calendar is not the answer just like trying a new diet won't help you lose weight long-term.

- I was born overseas but raised in Australia and love love love where I live.  My skin belongs in the northern hemisphere but my heart belongs in the land of Oz.

- I love movies, reading, learning, podcasts, helping people, running, my family, friends, labradors and cat (not necessarily in that order!)

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