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Why taking immediate action isn't always a good thing...

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Moving too fast

The urge to act quickly in our business can be overwhelming. We often equate immediate action with progress.

I remember being involved in my old job in corporate projects where we were pressured to deliver results and often things were rushed to meet deadlines and expectations without adequately refining the product based on potential user feedback.

The launches for these projects generated a buzz but user engagement started to wane as bugs and problems emerged.

The appeal of immediate action is undeniable. It can give us the illusion of progress but can be deceptive because we may be moving fast but not always in the right direction. We can end up wasting time, energy and money working on tasks that don’t contribute to our long-term success.

Ideally in our business, we want to find the balance between taking immediate action and being strategic with our planning.

Strategic planning does not mean stifling quick decisions or innovation; rather, it involves aligning immediate actions with long-term goals.

By balancing the urge to act with the necessity to plan, you can navigate the complexities of your industry more effectively and avoid the pitfalls that come with aimless enthusiasm.

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