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What do I do when I don't have enough time?

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Time Scarcity

Just the other day, I found myself chilling out in my hairdresser's chair. The visit was a little oasis in my workday where I get to flick through inspirational house magazines, enjoy some delicious coffee and sometimes dive into the latest fantasy novel I’m devouring.

Yet, as my stylist paused her blow-drying to tend to another client, my mind started dipping into worry. Suddenly, this delay seemed like a potential threat to my meticulously planned day. "I'm so busy," my brain chastised, robbing me of the joy of my pampering session. Ironically, the truth was that my day had a built-in buffer of time. So why did I default to panic?

This experience isn't unique to me. It's a demonstration of a phenomenon known as time scarcity—a state of mind where we perpetually feel short on time, pushing us into a corner of constant urgency. But here's the kicker: often, our perception of time scarcity is more psychological than factual.

The Trap of Time Scarcity

Time scarcity does more than just stress us out; it warps our ability to manage our time effectively. When we're in this mindset, every unexpected delay or interruption feels like a major setback. We become so fixated on the ticking clock that we miss out on the present, whether it's a chance to relax or an opportunity to engage more deeply with our work.

Breaking Free: Some Practical Steps to Help You Get Out of Your Time Scarcity

1. Acknowledge the Buffer: Like with my recent hairdresser visit, acknowledging the buffer time you've intentionally or unintentionally built into your day can be a game-changer. It's there for a reason. Use it without guilt.

2. Reality Check: Ask yourself, "Is this truly urgent?" More often than not, the answer might surprise you. This question helps shift your perspective from reactive to proactive, giving you back control.

3. Mindful Moments: Instead of resenting the pauses, cherish them. These moments, even if forced upon us, can be opportunities to breathe and reset.

Consider this an invitation to reflect on your relationship with time. How often do you find yourself in the grip of time scarcity? Do you often allow minor delays or interruptions to upset your day? Remember, noticing the problem is the first step towards change and take a deep breath.

Time management isn’t all about efficiency and productivity. It can be about learning to enjoy every moment so try leaving the time scarcity mindset at the door.

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