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We often think about creating boundaries in our lives so other people can’t encroach on our time, but have you ever created a boundary for yourself?
Remember, a time boundary is just a limit you create for yourself about how you are going to use your time. You create boundaries to support and protect yourself from unnecessary distractions so you can focus on what matters to you.

So, if we are talking about unnecessary distractions, let’s address the elephant in the room… your devices. Have you ever considered creating a digital boundary for yourself?

In today's digitally connected world, setting boundaries with technology is essential. The constant influx of notifications, emails, and social media updates can easily derail your productivity. By designating specific time frames for checking and responding to emails or social media, you can regain control over your time and prevent technology from dictating your schedules.

Remember, the golden rule with boundaries. You want to create them with love, so you are not enforcing a digital boundary with yourself as a form of punishment. Instead, consider it an act of support so you can focus and work on what’s important to you and your future.

Avoid the temptation to constantly stay connected and instead allocate specific time for hanging out online. Consider turning off non-essential notifications or using the "Do Not Disturb" modes during focus periods. By taking control of our digital interactions, you can prevent technology from encroaching on your time and attention.

The bonus is that you get more done and can develop a healthier relationship with your digital devices!

Disconnecting from your devices (even momentarily) can feel uncomfortable for many of us, so if you need some help, take the next step and book a Time Design session with me. I'd love to share more about my program and how it can help you create more hours in your week. Click on the clock to connect!

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