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Maximising Efficiency: Top Time Management Strategies for Solopreneurs

Its 2024 and I’m trying to start a new habit that’s vital for my health and productivity.  As a time management coach, I recognise the importance of sleep in boosting my energy and efficiency.

Here’s the plan:   lights off by 10 pm, no excuses.

But there’s an interesting twist – every night a pattern emerges.   I find myself trying to renegotiate my commitment.  The negotiations go something like this:

  • Just one more chapter or episode won’t hurt.
  • My kids are in a chatty mood tonight;  let’s spend a bit more time with them
  • I can skip the morning gym session if I’m too tired.

These negotiations sabotage my commitment to building this new habit. I can rationalise and strategise until it seems perfectly fine to stay up a little longer.

Now, I initially committed to this habit with my prefrontal cortex, the mature part of my brain that looks at the bigger picture and knows what's best for me in the long run. The negotiations, on the other hand, are driven by my primitive brain, focused on instant pleasure and loud demands.

You know how governments don’t negotiate with terrorists?  Well, we shouldn’t negotiate with our primitive brains either.  These negotiations derail our focus and commitment to what we truly desire.

If you’re working on establishing new routines in your business, like time planning or blocking off crucial morning work hours, pay attention to the arguments your brain presents to stop you.

  • I can’t plan my days; things pop up unexpectedly.
  • This is urgent; I must deal with it now and save my focus time for later.

Listen to those demands, but remember, you're not obliged to follow them. Negotiating with them will only hinder your progress with your new habit.

So, make a decision today – no more negotiations with your new habits.

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