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Time is Money but Results are King! Time Management v. Productivity

Time Management

As a time management and productivity coach for solopreneurs, I’ve noticed that time management becomes synonymous with productivity when there’s a difference that solopreneurs need to know.

What is time management?

I like to think of it as the art of allocation. You have an allotted amount of time, and you organise and plan how you’re going to use that time between specific activities. When we become adept at time management we can work smarter and not harder, so we get more done in less time even when the pressure is on.

Some key components of time management are:

Prioritising – knowing which tasks to tackle first.
Scheduling – allocating time slots for your different tasks.
Focusing – setting aside dedicated chunks of time for single activities.

If we stick with the art analogy – time management is the blank canvas for your productivity.

Productivity is all about efficiency. It’s getting the results you want with less effort and more value. Time management is all about organising your tasks and productivity is about executing them.

Some hallmarks of productivity are:

Outcome-orientated – focusing on the results rather than the activity.
Efficiency – maximising your output from given inputs.
Effectiveness – achieving your goals with the least amount of wasted effort/expense.

Understanding the interplay between managing your time and learning how to become more productive is the cornerstone of business growth and your own well-being.

Strategic Planning is affected. You may be able to manage your time and map out your day, but if you struggle with productivity you may not be steering your business in the right direction.

Optimising your Resources. Time is finite so you want to learn how to use it in a way that doesn’t just optimise your time, but also your energy and attention.

Reduces stress. Managing your time helps you reduce your stress so you’re no longer racing against the clock to get stuff done. Productivity ensures the time that you’re investing in your business translates into real results.

Achieving your goals. Time management lays the groundwork so you can become more productive and achieve your goals not just once but consistently and systematically.

Work-Life Balance. Knowing how to manage your time AND increase your productivity makes balancing your personal life with your business so much easier.

As solopreneurs, we want both skill sets. That’s why I’m a time management and productivity coach!

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