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Time is a Construct

What is time?  It’s something we as humans made up thousands of years ago and yet here we are today slaves to time.

 Why does time pass so slowly when we are working on things we don’t like or at functions we don’t want to attend and yet flies when we are on holidays or out having fun?

We talk about the need to manage our time better but time can’t be managed because it is outside of us – it just is.  What we really need to manage is ourselves – our thinking about time.

 Instead of thinking about how we can better manage our time we start thinking about how we think about our time.  When we say “we never have enough time” guess what?  We never have enough time!

 Time doesn’t change – it’s just our thoughts about it that does.  How do we know?  Think about 1-hour cleaning v. 1-hour watching your favourite TV series – it’s the same 1-hour time period but our thoughts about it are so different.

 We can learn how to create time in our lives for what we truly want.  We can discover how to un-busy our lives and make room for some time to dream.  How do we know this?  Think about the last time you were asked to help out a friend or peer at work – you magically created the time you needed to help.  The only problem is that we create time for others but it comes at the expense of our dreams and goals.

The good news is that we can do it – we just need to learn how to show up in our own lives like we do for everyone else and factor ourselves into the loving equation of our life.

 Time doesn’t need to be managed but your thoughts do.  Your thoughts about your self-worth, your values, your dreams and goals so you can learn how to design your life using the greatest resource you have – your time!


Time is your most valuable resource...

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