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The Key to Your Lack of Time is - drumroll please...


The key to your lack of time is actually a lack of priorities - Tim Ferris, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek.


Something I love to share with my clients is the idea that not all time is the same.

When you are working on something in your business or life that feels urgent but doesn’t get you any closer to achieving your goals, it's not the same as the time you invest, focusing on those actions that help you move the dial on your dreams.

Learning how to prioritise your time so you get the best return on y investment is crucial to creating more time in your l for what y truly want. In the financial world, we talk about ROI – return on investment but what about ROT – our return on the time we invest?

No shaming required, but how much return do you receive from mindless scrolling on social media? If you started thinking about investing your time as you would when you invest your money, how different would your day look?

Learning how to prioritise your time is crucial, and the good news is, I have created a simple, easy-to-follow training which I will be sending out shortly to my beautiful audience as an early seasonal gift!

In the interim, imagine the future version of yourself who has achieved their goals – what is their time worth? What if you started showing up in your business like your time was already immensely valuable? Because it is!




Time is your most valuable resource...

Learn how to find the time you need to build your business and leave your 9-5 job!

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