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The Freedom to be Found in Scheduling

Some people don’t like scheduling. As a person who loves to explore new calendaring systems, I used to be surprised when I discovered other people didn’t like to plan as I did.

Many of us when we think about scheduling we think it’s boring or restrictive. It’s going to limit our fun in some way. My experience has been the opposite. My willingness to schedule has been a key part of creating more time for fun and freedom in my days.

Learning how to schedule your days gives you the power of choice. You take control of your time and start making intentional choices about how you want to invest it.

You may notice that I often use the word invest rather than spend time. It’s because I believe that time is one of our limited resources and we want to appreciate its value and invest with intention. It’s easy to waste time in our busy modern life. Scheduling helps us recognise the value of our time so we can make deliberate decisions about how we are going to use and enjoy it.

Clients work with me because they want to make more time to grow and build a business they love. They need to find more time and create space for something that they are passionate about and truly matters. Learning how to schedule and follow their plans ensures they can dedicate their attention to their business and all the other parts of their lives they value.
So many of us are striving for more balance in our professional and personal lives. Scheduling is a tool that can help. By allocating time for what’s important in both areas of our lives we allow ourselves to devote time and energy without neglect.

Contrary to popular belief, scheduling doesn’t have to be rigid or inflexible. What if the structure your schedule gives you is what allows you to be more spontaneous? When you have a schedule that you follow, it’s so easy to seize opportunities when they happen without feeling guilty or worried, knowing that you have already planned for your important commitments.

Embracing the art of scheduling (I believe it’s an art as a Time Designer) gives us the freedom and power to design days we love, gives us time to create and achieve, rest and recover and be more present in our lives. Try letting go of this misconception that scheduling your time is restrictive and give yourself the opportunity to discover the freedom it offers in return.

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