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Sep 14, 2022

I love how when you take a wrong turn on your journey, your GPS will recalibrate your route so you can still get to your planned destination.  It doesn't give up and just take you on some random journey.  It pauses and works out how you can still reach your final location.


We can do the same with our schedules.  Sometimes the unexpected happens in our lives upsetting our plans so we don't get to what's on our list and feel disheartened and give up.  What's the point anyway because I'm never going to get it all done...


What if in those moments we decided to recalibrate?  We accepted our new reality where maybe it wouldn't be humanly possible to complete the tasks as planned, and yet we could still decide to show up for ourselves and the commitment we made earlier to ourselves, to get the job done.  Recalibrating may mean deprioritising some work to a later date so we can still create time to complete what's most important to us and our goals in this new container of time.


Recalibrating is an opportunity to pause and take stock in the moment.  What is possible for me now?  What's important? Maybe I won't be able to stop off along the way like I planned but if I prioritise and focus, I can still reach my destination.  It also may take a little longer and that's okay.  


Try it out and see what changes for you the next time your plans may go awry!

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