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Overwhelm Affects Between 60%-75% of People...

Nov 23, 2022


Those statistics are US and UK government agencies' sourced numbers and are based on the general population.  I’m sure if they did a survey of business owners, the numbers would climb.


The problem with feeling overwhelmed is it paralyses.  We don’t know where to start working because everything feels urgent, so we do nothing except stress more and our business stalls. 


We all experience stress working in our business yet some of us tip over the edge entering the land of overwhelm whilst others can right themselves and avoid the drama.   So, how do they do it?


Prioritising.  There is a saying (unknown source) You can’t ride two horses with one ass.  No matter how many things you have on your to-do list you only have one ass to get it done so you are going to have to pick which horse you want to ride.


Learning how to prioritise your work can be a game-changer for your business so look out for an upcoming training I have created on how to prioritise with simplicity.  In the interim for those of you who don’t know…


I created a 5-Steps for Ditching Overwhelm:  A How-To Guide for Avoiding Overwhelm & Getting Stuff Done! so if you want access to a more comprehensive guide for avoiding overwhelm send me an email and I will forward a copy!


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