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Is this the KEY Ingredient Missing from Your Success?


Do you have big goals that you feel passionate about, so you start doing all the things?  You have a financial goal for your business, so you start taking massive action and trying new growth strategies.


And then, after a while, you don't notice any difference, or you get sick, tired, bored, and stop.  Maybe you tell yourself, "They weren't working anyway, so why bother?"  It's like having a health goal, going to the gym five days each week pumping iron, and then stopping or giving up because we don't see the results on the scales shift.


A missing KEY ingredient in both scenarios is  C O N S I S T E N C Y.  Sounds boring, yet consistent action creates powerful results.  The consistency of water dripping on a stone creates holes over time, and the consistency of investing small amounts of money over time can create generational wealth.  The consistency of taking small amounts of action in our business over time can result in us achieving our goals.


How consistent are you showing up for your goals?  What's preventing you from consistently taking action?


Think of one thing you could do consistently in your business each day or week that, over time, would have a massive effect on your business' success.  What would that be?


Most people give up on consistency.  They get bored or distracted by something new and more enticing, and they may not yet see the benefit or believe in the power of consistency, so they stop.  What would happen if you were the exception and consciously chose not to quit?  


Consistency is underrated, in my opinion, and I believe it's a superpower we can all learn to harness.  Remember, what you do every day matters more than what you do every once and a while, so start showing up consistently.






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