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How Much Do You Trust Yourself?

Imagine your life where you always kept your promises… to yourself. How different would that be from now? Stop for a moment and imagine all the goals and dreams you have becoming a reality because you do what you say you will do.

You show up for yourself just like you show up for everyone else in your life. Many of us know we are 100% reliable when we are doing something for other people but not so confident about doing it for ourselves.

We plan to get up early and go for a walk because it’s part of our health goals - and we don’t show up. We promise to finish work on time so we can have some time to relax and we keep working to finish the project. We set aside some time in our schedule to work on our resume and we shelve it when our kids want us to take them to the movies.

No wonder we don’t trust ourselves. But imagine being that person in your life that is 100% reliable - for you. You make your plans and you get excited because you know that you will follow through. You aren’t hoping you will get it done - you KNOW you will do it without a doubt.

How do we get to that magical place? We start small. We pick one thing we want to do for ourselves tomorrow and we do it. And we do it again. And again. Through our actions we show ourselves how much we value ourselves.

We don’t do it because we have to - we do it because we choose to because we believe we are so important that any promise made deserves to be honoured and respected.

You have a goal to lose weight - done. You have a dream of starting your own business - done. You have a plan to save money to travel - wish granted. You can become your own genie when you learn to trust yourself.

Let’s all start showing up for ourselves and enrich our lives.

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