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How is Your Relationship with Time?

Did you know you have a relationship with time? Your relationship is based on how you think about time.

Maybe you have a love-hate relationship with time, you love the idea of getting lots done but you never seem to have enough time. You seem to be a slave to time never getting through everything on your list and starting every day “behind”.

Why is this important? If your think you never have enough time, guess what? You never will have enough time because you will waste the time you do have have stressing about all the things on your to-do list; you will consume more of your time venting to your partner or friend about everything you have to get done and possibly spend time judging yourself for not being more organised. All at the expense of your time. That’s what we do because we are human.

How you choose to think about time is optional. You could decide to have such a wonderful relationship with time that you seem to be able to bend time to suit you. You can create time in your life for everything that is important to you. First step is awareness.

Become aware of how you think about time and notice how that shows up in your life. Question whether thoughts like “I don’t know how to manage my time” or “time management is boring” are helping you. Get curious about your relationship with time...

Time is your most valuable resource...

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