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How do I stop hitting the snooze button in the morning?

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Snooze Button

For many of us every morning, the alarm clock sounds a call to action, a signal to start the day and chase our goals. Yet, so often, the temptation to hit snooze is overwhelming.

We think we're merely buying a few more minutes of rest, but what are we really postponing? It's not just our morning routine; it's our personal commitments and our goals.

Take my routine, for example.

Twice a week, I attend an early morning Pilates class, a commitment I made to improve my back health. Recently, one morning when my alarm went off, my hand automatically reached for the snooze button. In that half-awake moment, I realised wasn't just considering delaying my wake-up time by ten minutes; I was opting out of my commitment to my health. Hitting snooze was a choice to say no to my goal.
This can mirror a larger pattern in our lives: every time we hit snooze, we're not just putting off our wake-up call, we're putting our goals on hold.

The Impact of Snoozing on Your Goals

1. Lost Time Adds Up: Those few extra minutes of sleep each morning can add up to hours of lost time over weeks and months—time that could be spent working towards our goals.  Going for that morning walk.

2. Sets a Tone of Procrastination: Starting the day by postponing the first task on our agenda can set a precedent for the rest of the day. It’s a subtle reinforcement of delay and procrastination.

3. Undermines Our Intentions: Each act of hitting snooze is a small betrayal of our intentions. Over time, this can erode our trust in our commitment and decrease our motivation.

The decisions we make, no matter how small they seem, can have a big impact on our lives. Hitting snooze might seem like a minor choice in the moment, but it can be a decision about whether or not to honour our commitments to ourselves.

Where in your life are you hitting the snooze button on your goals?

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