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Goal Setting Reimagined: Achieve More by Planning Less

Goal Setting


It’s that time of year we love to talk and read about goal setting so here’s my two cents. I call it reverse goal-setting because traditionally we start with the end vision and work backwards and that works for many of us but not for all. Some of us feel overwhelmed because the end destination can seem daunting when you’re juggling a myriad of tasks already and running your business single-handedly. Focusing on our vision may create more stress.

Today let's explore the concept and steps of reverse goal setting which starts today and works forward, shaping your future success one day at a time.

Start Where You Are.

1. Assess Your Current Reality: Begin by taking a thorough inventory of where your business is right now. What resources do you have? What's your current client base? How strong is your online presence? This snapshot becomes the foundation of your reverse goal-setting strategy.

2. Identify Daily Actions: Think about the small actions you can take each day that will cumulatively lead to large outcomes. For example, rather than setting a goal to "Increase website traffic by 50%," identify daily SEO tasks or content creation habits that incrementally drive traffic up. Think small AND consistent.

Forecast Forward.

3. Short-Term Milestones: Set weekly or monthly milestones that serve as checkpoints for your goals. These short-term wins will keep you motivated and on track. They are like stepping stones that can help you cross the river of uncertainty and doubt that often comes with being a solopreneur.

4. Reflect and Adjust: Regular reflection is a core component of reverse goal setting. Assess the effectiveness of your daily actions and the feasibility of your milestones. Be prepared to pivot as necessary – the advantage of being a solopreneur is agility because you don’t have a huge team to slow you down.

Visualise Outcomes as Processes

5. Outcome Visualisation: Instead of visualizing the end goal, visualize the process – the work you're doing each day and how it contributes to your overall business growth. This keeps you grounded and connected to the reality of your progress.

6. Build as You Go: With each achieved milestone, you're not just moving towards a goal; you're building the infrastructure of your business, ensuring each piece is in place as you grow.

Solopreneurship is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Reverse goal setting keeps you present and engaged with your progress, allowing for real-time adjustments.

By shifting your focus from huge distant objectives to immediate actions and their direct impact, you can maintain a strong sense of control and momentum. If traditional goal-setting methods aren’t working for you, consider this as an alternative option to explore.

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