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Simple Habits, Big Results: How to Effortlessly Implement New Routines for Business Success

Creating Habits

One thing I’ve learnt about creating new habits whether its in my personal life or my business is TO MAKE IT EASY.

Last year I hurt my back and at the same time found out I have some disc degeneration that’s not going to change.  After talking to my awesome physio I decided to start going to Pilates a couple of times a week to better support my back.

This was going to be a new habit for me, so I decided to make it easy.  How?

  • I enrolled in classes in my local gym who already know me and it’s a place where I feel comfortable.
  • I started small with just one class per week to see how my body responded, and how I could schedule it with my other commitments.
  • I love cooking but on my Pilates evening, my husband took over to give me extra time and I switched places with him and did the washing up

I made it so easy for myself to implement that even though this was something new, I didn’t have any resistance to doing it.

And then I gradually added another class and did the same thing.  I found more ways to make it easy.

Applying This to Your Business

You can follow the same approach in your business when you’re trying to adopt a new positive habit.  Make it easy for yourself to implement.

This can look like:

  • If you’re new to planning don’t try and schedule your whole week, just start with your mornings or maybe Mondays and Tuesdays and go from there.
  • Trying to set goals for your business because you’re used to just winging it? Pick ONE goal and work on that for a while.
  • Never tracked your analytics and data before? Pick one thing to measure and monitor and start there.

Remember, forming helpful habits can be a game-changer for your business. The goal is to tap into the power of these habits in a way that feels effortless and achievable.

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