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Dropping the Ball


In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of consistency and how by showing up regularly for our goals, even in small ways over time can lead to huge results.


But what happens when we drop the ball?  We ignore our plans and the actions we know will work and just stop.  We may have “good” reasons or not and the result is the same.  No progress is made towards our goals. 


It’s so easy as humans to chastise and castigate ourselves when we don’t meet our own expectations, and it’s also unsupportive and sometimes cruel.  We may think we need to admonish and reprimand to make ourselves get back on track, but it only makes it harder.


I used to post regularly on Instagram.  It was a fun way for me to share ideas with my audience.  The operative words in this paragraph are “used to” – I stopped for a while and have only recently decided to return.  Before returning my brain offered me running commentary regarding my absence and it wasn’t pretty.  I was growing my business and yet this "failure" became a source of judgement. 


So, I had a choice.  Listen to the shaming voice in my head or decide that it was okay for me to be human and to start again.  To learn and grow.


The irony of my post about consistency was not lost on me and was intentional.  It’s a message for me and you that it’s okay to temporarily lose focus even when we know what works.


The lesson I learnt is that it doesn’t matter if I drop the ball, what’s more important is whether I have the courage to pick it up and start running again.


Where might you have gone off track in your business?  Stopped taking the massive action that you know works for whatever reason.  What would change if you decided to start again?  You wouldn’t be starting from scratch because you now possess wisdom previously unavailable to you.


How can you give yourself permission to start again?



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