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Don't Have Enough Time?

Have you ever thought I don’t have enough time? Time to work on your business, time to exercise, time to spend with your family and friends, time to relax etc.  When we think we don’t have enough time, our default solution is to think we need to manage our time better.  Sound familiar?

 But what if you didn’t need to manage your time anymore? How would that feel? Instead I want you to start managing your mind. You don’t need to do a course in time management - you can just start noticing your thoughts about your time and how they are serving you (or not).

 For me, exploring my thoughts about time has led me to switch my perspective from thinking that I need to manage my time better to designing how I spend my time. The dread the thought of time management but when I switched to time design I got interested. I looked forward to designing days that accomplished exactly what I wanted instead of days where I seemed to be a slave to time.

 Ask yourself - how do I want to design my day in accordance with my values and goals?

Time is your most valuable resource...

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