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Did you know you can leverage time?

Usually when we think of leveraging we think about money.  Leverage means to use something to its maximum advantage.

That gets me interested.  I know time is one of my most valuable resources so learning how to leverage it means I'm going to be able to maximise my results in all areas of my life.

I have learnt how to leverage my time so I now get multiple benefits from one activity.  This means I create more in less time.  It's one of the secrets I have learnt to be able to get more stuff done in the important areas of my life.

So, what can it look like?

  • when I work, I choose a message I want to share and then detail my thoughts.  I then use those thoughts to create an Instagram post, blog post and email to share with my tribe.  I create 3 pieces of content from the 1 activity.
  • I leverage my time in my personal life too cooking once and creating 3 meals - having down time for myself filling 3 cups I love like movement, learning and nature (I run along the beach listening to a podcast)

We can all learn how to take small actions every day to create bigger results.  That's what time leveraging is all about.  If you are interested in exploring more about leveraging your time, then book in for a chat or sign up for my Time Design program where learning how to leverage your time is one of the tools I teach my clients.

Spend some time thinking about how you can use your time to its best advantage to achieve your goals.  Treat it like a game because it's so much fun and you are guaranteed to win!


Time is your most valuable resource...

Learn how to find the time you need to build your business and leave your 9-5 job!

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