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Detaching from Limiting Beliefs


Many years ago I used to watch The Good Wife, a series about lawyers which as a lawyer I found entertaining and amusing.  One of my favourite lines from the series that has stuck with me over the years is:

In your opinion…

Before I was a coach, I used it in quick repartee with my husband when I wanted to highlight that his opinions weren’t necessarily facts, they were just beliefs in an effort for me to win an argument.  Now as a coach, I realise how impactful this line is to remember in our own lives.

Our opinions or points of view determine our reality.  How we view the world effects how we feel and show up and often it’s easy to forget that those views can change if we’re willing to let them go.

It can be hard to discard these opinions when we’ve become attached to them.  We have held them for so long that it doesn’t feel natural to entertain the possibility of not believing them. 

These beliefs are just thoughts that we’ve agreed with, we have said yes to them, so they are now our opinion but remember, that does not make them factual. 

Over the years my opinions have changed umpteen times as I have continued to learn and grow.  I notice the areas where I struggle the most in my life, often are where I’m tightly holding onto to some old opinions that I haven’t explored.

That’s where coaching comes in.  I haven’t written before about the power of coaching because for me it’s a no-brainer.  If I can get help with unpacking the limiting beliefs I have playing as background music in my mind I’m going to sign up every time.

So, what does this all have to do with creating more time? 

How much quicker do you get to your destination when you have a guide who can share some guideposts along the way?  Who can point out to you when you are making a wrong turn or slowing yourself down unnecessarily?

This is another strategic by-product of working with me.  I help you get to where you want to go faster.  And yes, it’s in my opinion BUT it’s also in the opinion of my clients too!


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