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Morning Routine Mastery: How Building Positive Habits Can Propel Your Solo Business and Personal Well-being

I love my dog. 

She’s a 10-year-old chocolate Labrador called Milo which means she loves to eat so I need to walk her daily, so she stays healthy.

Before I started habitually walking her in the morning I struggled to find time in my day to enjoy her company and the break.  I would find myself walking her at night which was not ideal.

That’s where habits came to my rescue.

As a solopreneur you’re a strategist, implementer and face of your business all rolled into one.  This is where habits come into play.

Habits are the invisible architecture of our daily lives, responsible for over 40% of our behaviours on any given day. Imagine if 40% of your daily actions were automatically aligned with your business goals. Sound good?

Building positive habits is like investing in a high-yield savings account for your business. The initial deposits may seem small, but over time, the compound interest of your efforts can lead to significant growth and success.

Some benefits to forming habits in your business:

  • Habits free up mental energy.
  • They allow you to focus on creative and strategic thinking - the kind of thinking that drives a business forward.

What’s a habit that you would like to implement in your business that would help gain traction towards your goals?

Circling back to my dog, once I adopted the habit of walking her in the morning and rearranged my schedule to suit I no longer had arguments about when and how I could walk her because it became automatic. 

Now I just get up and walk my dog before I have my morning coffee and interestingly often get some inspiration for my business as a bonus!

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