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Overnight Success Myth: The Realities of Building a Thriving Business and How to Stay Productive

Have you ever become frustrated when you didn't achieve the results you wanted in your business?

I have.  When I first started coaching part of me secretly believed I would have clients lining up at my door to work with me and when no one even knocked I was disheartened and exasperated.

After all, I was doing all this work!

Many of us expect overnight success and are discouraged when we don't see immediate results from our efforts.

We're not realistic about the amount of effort and commitment we're investing in our goals.

We may be busy but the effort is sporadic, unfocused or half-hearted.

There is an old saying “results happen over time, not overnight”.

Invest the time in growing your business and yourself.

Check any unrealistic expectations at the door. It’s going to take time.

Get real about the amount of work and effort you're investing and whether it's aimed at the right target.

You can learn how to speed up parts of the process and improve your focus (and I can help) but for most of us, results will happen over time when we consistently show up.

Time is your most valuable resource...

Learn how to find the time you need to build your business and leave your 9-5 job!

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