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Boundaries: A Secret Weapon for Designing Your Time

What do boundaries have to do with time management?

Learning how to manage your time is all about discovering how to successfully allocate and use your time so you can achieve your goals and spend your time living in the way you desire.

Boundaries can play a critical part in these lessons. They can help you protect your time and energy and ensure that you don’t overextend yourself. Establishing a boundary around your work hours can help you create a healthier work-life balance and aid in preventing burnout.

A key step in creating a boundary is defining what it looks like for you. It may look like you are unavailable for work responses after 6 pm or not working weekends. Create some clarity for yourself about what you want your boundaries to be. How can you enforce a boundary with another person if you haven’t gotten clear on what it is for yourself?

Once you have started exploring possible boundaries, watch your brain get to work and start arguing with you about all the reasons why that boundary won’t work. Rest assured, when this happens, nothing has gone wrong. It’s just your brain having a human response driven by the motivational triad of conserving energy and not wanting to change the status quo. This is what I coach my clients through to help find ways for how they will work.

A helpful strategy to apply when creating new boundaries is to get clear on why it’s important for you to create this boundary. Make sure your reason feels compelling for you because then you can always rely on it when you and other people start to question yourself about your boundaries.

Creating boundaries is a powerful tool for achieving more with balance.

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