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Are You Experiencing a Time Famine?

Nov 07, 2022


What is a common complaint among business owners (and the general population)? I don’t have enough time.

So many of us have a scarcity mindset around our time believing we never have enough hours in the day. This line of thinking creates stress and overwhelm which ironically makes it harder to show up and get our work done.

The problem with time scarcity is it feels so real! Our brains will list all the things we have to do with a bright flashing light over the due dates emphasising the urgency and impossibility factors.

I’ve heard Tony Robbins speak about money saying, “You can’t get beyond scarcity; you have to start beyond it” and I would offer that it applies to time scarcity too.

When we are in that headspace believing we don’t have enough time we end up chasing our tails – organising and re-organising our planner, shuffling things around and changing our actions but never questioning where it all starts. Our thinking.

Starting beyond the scarcity means learning how to challenge those troublesome thoughts that make us feel like we’re experiencing a time famine. It’s learning to BE that version of ourselves who has all the time we want, to live the life we want.

We can’t create abundance when we are in a scarcity mindset and most of us are wanting from a place of scarcity. The way we think about our time gives us that scarcity feeling so maybe it’s time to start putting these thoughts under the spotlight.

Next week we’ll explore learning how to want more time from a place of abundance instead of scarcity, so in the interim I want you to start noticing whether your thoughts are creating a time famine or feast for you.

The starting place is always awareness so get curious about your thoughts about your time and how they make you feel.



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