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An Easy Way to Stop Wasting Time

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Stop Wasting Time


Ever found yourself knee-deep in a disagreement that seemed to spiral out of nowhere?

I sure have. The other day, my husband and I found ourselves on opposite sides over something so trivial I can barely remember what it was about. But here's the kicker - instead of diving headfirst into the disagreement, I took a deep breath and paused. This tiny act of giving myself space to choose how I wanted to respond rather than reacting impulsively turned the tide of our entire conversation.

The disagreement didn't balloon into a full-blown argument. You’ll be happy to know we didn't part ways fuming. By pausing, I saved us time and heartache and spared us unnecessary drama. The 'pause principle' is a game-changer, not just in personal life but also especially, for solopreneurs.

Running your own show means dealing with a barrage of decisions, problems, and, yes, occasional fires that need putting out. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and react on autopilot. However, embracing the power of the pause can transform how you handle business challenges, saving you invaluable time and energy in the process.
Here's how to leverage the power of the pause in your business:

• Encounter a Problem? Pause. Before diving into problem-solving mode, take a moment. This break allows you to step back, assess the situation objectively, and approach it from your CEO mindset, not a reactive one.
• Overwhelmed with Tasks? Pause. Feeling swamped can lead to inefficiency. A brief pause to prioritize can clarify what truly needs your attention now versus what can wait.
• Facing a Tough Decision? Pause. Quick decisions can lead to regrets. Giving yourself the time to weigh your options can lead to more thoughtful, effective choices.

This practice of pausing isn't about delaying action but about ensuring your actions are deliberate and aligned with your goals. It's about saving yourself from spending time and energy on avoidable mistakes and misunderstandings.

So, the next time you're on the brink of reacting impulsively, whether in a conversation or when facing a business hurdle, take a deep breath and give yourself that moment of pause.

It's a simple, yet profound tool and you might be surprised at how much time and drama you save yourself.  Want help?  Book some time with me HERE!


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