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Abundance Isn't Something We Acquire, It's Something We Tune Into. Wayne Dyer


Do you need more time, or do you want it?

Notice the difference? When we need more time we are saying what we have is not enough and we are signalling for scarcity to enter the door.

Wanting has a completely different vibe. I can want more time and not feel needy. I can want more from a feeling of abundance. I love the time I have to work on my business, and I want more. No scarcity required.

A great place to start feeling abundant about our time is by wanting the time you already have which initially may sound weird. It means consciously desiring the existing time you have to invest and grow your business. When you want what you already have it makes it easier to want more from a place of plenty.

There was a time when I worked as a lawyer and coached for someone else whilst trying to grow my own coaching business. I dreamed about my future when I would have the time to just coach. Now I am living in that future, so I consciously recall that longing for more time and enjoy my new reality where I have that time. This makes it easier to start wanting more time from a place of abundance.

So, how can this work for you? Maybe you can’t feel abundant about the time you have for your business… yet. What do you have in your life that you can feel abundant about? Running water? Natural beauty on your doorstep? An abundance of love in your family, friendships or pets?

The feeling of abundance doesn’t have to relate to your thinking about your time. You can borrow the abundance from other areas of your life and start wanting more time for your business whilst feeling that abundance.

Love your time from a place of abundance. Be grateful for and acknowledge the time you do have to work on and in your business.

Having an abundance mindset about your time makes it so much easier to get stuff done. You don’t waste time stressing about never having enough time and spend time distracting yourself because you are feeling stressed.

And believing you have time in abundance doesn’t mean you end up wasting your time. It means you have more than enough time than you need which makes it easier to decide how you invest your precious time without stress and scarcity.

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